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Tyne Buchy Counselling Collective does not provide crisis response support
Please see our resource page for crisis care/crisis counselling

Individual counselling is available to support children, youth and adults. During your individual therapy session use of a wide range of skills and experience will help client's to address various individual therapeutic issues and to support client insight, growth and change throughout the therapeutic process. Clients have the unique opportunity to work, in collaboration with their therapist, on their personal therapeutic goals in a supportive environment. This includes collaboration with your counsellor on a personalized treatment plan. Clients are encouraged and supported to address feelings/emotions, interactions, thoughts and behaviors that are in alignment with their personal treatment goals. Clients are also supported while exploring the deeper underlying contributing factors.

Often times clients choose to attend individual therapy to address and explore emotions/feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that they wish to manage, change or understand. This can include inter-personal relationship issues, interactions and communication with family and friends or other loved ones, troubling or curious behaviors, intimate relationship dynamics, troubling memories or intrusive thoughts. Other clients may choose to attend individual counselling to explore and find meaning and understanding in experiences, thoughts, emotions, or behaviors, including the exploration of trauma and it's lasting affects for the client. Individual counselling provides clients with a safe and supportive environment to explore their inner-most concerns, curiosities, and opportunities for personal growth. For more information on what clients can expect from their first appointment, check out the blog!



 50 Minute Session: 140$ + applicable GST

80 Minute Session: 210$ + applicable GST

Now accepting clients of the CVAP Program

There are sliding fee options based on availability and income status

Therapy Office

Couples counselling is available to offer support and skill building in a wide range of areas. Similar to individual therapy, couples will address issues and set specific therapeutic goals that pertain to the couple and relationship dynamic. Couples therapy can help support clients who are in turmoil address issues like communication, conflict resolution, infidelity, create a new sense of safety and facilitate trust building, among many other areas. Couples therapy can also offer client's a supportive, non-judgmental environment to explore areas for potential relationship growth including; intimacy, transitioning through new life events (i.e. marriage, becoming parents, grief, etc). and learning to support a significant other through mental health or other crises. Couples therapy can help client's regain a sense of self and independence within a relationship, build or grow a stronger connection and regain happiness and greater satisfaction within themselves and their relationship.

Couples therapy is only offered for 80 minute sessions to best facilitate for the client's needs. 


80 Minutes: 245$ + applicable GST 

There are sliding fee options based on availability and income status

Distanced Couple

The complexity of family diversities and intricacies requires different therapeutic insights and skills. Family therapy is offered to client's to help them navigate the complex issues that arise from familial conflict, parenting and changing family landscapes (i.e. divorce, separation, adoption, step-parent, step-children, and loss/grief). Depending on the family's therapeutic goals, family therapy can assist client's in skill development around communication, conflict resolution, transition through change, and learning to support one and another, among other areas. Family systems are complex, therefore in family therapy, often times individuals will occasionally meet with their counsellor independently as well as with the family unit. Recommendations of further support will be offered by your counsellor. Families can expect to collaboratively determine therapeutic goals that will be the focus of their family and individual therapy (if necessary) sessions. Because of the complexity of family therapy sessions are only offered in 80 minute or 110 minute sessions.


80 Minute session: 260$ + applicable GST 

110 Minute Session: 300$ + applicable GST

There are sliding fee options based on availability and income status

Group therapy can be very beneficial for client's who are looking for community and support networks in others who can identify with a particular experience or issue. Group therapy can be in the form of psycho-education, therapeutic techniques, or support. Many groups have a mixture of multiple components (i.e. support with therapeutic techniques and education). Group therapy can also provide the client with a convenient way to connect and gain support with drop-in options, or it can provide more consistency and community through closed-group services.  Information about specific groups that are being run will be posted in the blog, as well as updated on our Facebook Page. Group Therapy pricing is dependent on the individual group but typically ranges from 20$-80$ +GST per session. 

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Consultation Services

Consultation is an important part of private practice. It offers clinicians the ability to connect and explore questions they have about their private practices, client consultations and ethical practices. If you are a clinician looking for consultation please contact me using the form below. 


50 min consultation: 140$ + GST


4415 29th St. Vernon, BC


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