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Welcome to my page!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Looking for information about the services offered, changes that have occurred related to Covid-19, or basic education and engagement on mental health topics? You are in the right place!

I am so excited that you have started to embark on your therapeutic journey, whether you are actively seeking therapy, just starting to look into it, or you are just looking for more information. You are here and that is an important fact to honor.

What you can expect from the blog:

My vision for the blog is to stay connected with clients in a way that is relevant and important to them. Here is where I will be posting all information about the changes that occur to the business, updates about Covid-19 and how it impacts you as a client and the services you are receiving, as well as updates about group therapy and workshop opportunities that are currently running or will be coming up.

I feel that it is extremely important for client's to have access to information that is accurate and validated. The blog is where you can find educational information on specific topics, tips and strategies, or you can email in a request for a topic of interest using the contact form.

As always, stay safe and healthy during these times

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