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Covid-19 Update

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

How has Covid-19 impacted therapeutic services? What does this mean for you as a client?

In these uncertain times mental health has been significantly impacted for many Canadians. As we enter into a new unknown world, we are faced with constantly changing, challenging, and scary times. Although new regulations have changed how our world appears, our interactions with others, and our routines, we can transition into this new normal together. Therapy can help you navigate through this life-changing world event.

How has Covid-19 impacted therapy?

At this time, the physical office is open for limited spots only. This is to accommodate clients who need to have in person sessions for the progression of their therapeutic process. Clients have the option of continuing or starting their journey through online services or telephone services. Most clients who have transitioned to online services have had limited to no disruption in their services and actually report enjoying working with there counsellor from home. Clients can be assured that services provided online will protect their confidentiality and that they will still receive the best standard of care possible.

What you can expect from your Counselling Therapist:

Online Appointments:

If you are seeing your counselling therapist through online services, you will meet at your scheduled time as per normal. Your counselling therapist will schedule and send out your secure link to your appointment meeting.

In-Person Appointments:

If you are meeting your counselling therapist in-person, you will attend your scheduled appointment as per normal. Should you not feel comfortable in the waiting room, you are welcome to stay in your vehicle and your counselling therapist will inform you when they are ready for you to attend your session. Your counselling therapist has been taking extra measures to meet health regulation standards and ensure everyone's safety to the best of their ability. This includes pre-screening, screening again at the door, wearing a mask during session (required by both client and therapist at this time), ensuring social distancing, and extra cleaning. Questions regarding in-person sessions can be directed to your counselling therapist.

What do you need to know before your session?
  • Masks are required for all in-person sessions (this is a building regulation)

    • Cancelation policies are back in affect as of July 01, 2020.

    • Hand sanitizer is provided in the building but client's are encouraged to bring their own

    • Extra cleaning and strict social distancing measures will be in place to ensure yours and your counselling therapist's health and safety.

    • It is mandatory to fill out the pre-screening Covid-19 survey prior to your session.

    • Group therapy will still be offered at this time- sessions will occur online

    • All covid-19 updates will be posted in the blog as they occur, on the Tyne Buchy RCC Facebook page, and communicated through email to clients.

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